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Download evaluation, freeware and shareware instruments in Hauptwerk format. Our instrument database features the complete list of Hauptwerk instruments available from the 3rd party developers.

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Milan Digital Audio

1877 Father Henry Willis, Salisbury Cathedral, England - Evaluation 

Download Part 1 (64 KB)
Download Part 2 (2.10 GB)
Download Part 3 (2.07 GB)
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1741-1743 Albertus Anthoni Hinsz, Kampen, Netherlands - Evaluation 

Download Part 1 (897 MB)
Download Part 2 (1.13 GB)
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Inspired Acoustics

2006 Pécsi-Mühleisen (Palace of Arts Budapest)

Download Part 1 (3.62 GB)
Download Part 2 (2.84 GB)
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1778 Pazicky, R.C. St. Imre of Pusztaszabolcs, Budapest, Hungary

Download Part 1 (3.62 GB)
Download Part 2 (3.53 GB)
Download Part 3 (2.27 GB)
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Lavender Audio

1901 James Jepson Binns, Old Independent Church, Haverhill


Download (998 MB)
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1809 Joseph Hart, Little Waldingfield, Suffolk, England


Download (983 MB)
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1888 Father Willis, Groton, Suffolk, England  

Download (490 MB)
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Sonus Paradisi 

c1600 Antegnati, St. Carlo, Brescia, Italy

Download (3.36 GB)
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2007 Prib Chamber Organ

Download (1315 MB)
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2005 Mietke harpsichord

Download (2456 MB)
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'Zlata Koruna mini' derived sample set

Download (330 MB)
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'Palma mini' derived sample set

Download (162 MB)
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1903 Ernst Röver, Ditfurt, Germany

Download (4.25 GB)
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1979 Alfred Führer, Riddagshausen, Germany

Download Part 1 (1.8 GB)
Download Part 2 (2.0 GB)
Download Part 3 (1.8 GB)
Download Part 4 (1.9 GB)
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2006 Baumhoer, Bielefeld-Stieghorst, Germany

Download (3.23 GB)
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1741 Silbermann, Großhartmannsdorf, Germany

Download (2.39 GB)
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1874 Schyven / van Bever, Eglisè Notre Dame de Laeken, Brussels, Belgium

Download Part 1 (2.17 GB)
Download Part 2 (2.30 GB)
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1874 Schyven / van Bever, Eglisè Notre Dame de Laeken, Brussels, Belgium (Small Edition)

Download (1.12 GB)
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1846 Cavaillé-Coll, Èglise de la Sainte-Madeleine, Paris, France

Download (295 MB)
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Virtual steamboat calliope

Download (30 MB)
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Silver Octopus Studios

Father Willis Studio 70

Download Part 1 (2.84 GB)
Download Part 2 (2.35 GB)
Download Part 3 (1.62 GB)
Download Part 4 (1.91 GB)
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Father Willis Studio 24

Download (1.42 GB)
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1981 Martin Bezemer harpsichord, Eindhoven, Holland

Download (81 MB)
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1741 Müller, Oosterwijtwerd, Holland

Download (599 MB)
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Paramount Organ Works

310 Wurlitzer Theatre Organ

Download (629.1 MB)
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Evensong Music

Madison Wangerin Lodge/Mini

Download (1.14 GB)
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Christian Datzko 

2003 Dieter Ott chamber organ

Download Part 1 (131 MB)
Download Part 2 (0.3 MB)
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Nicholas Appleton

1877 Charles Jackson, St Stephen's Church, Penrith, NSW, Australia

Download (381 MB)
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1929 St. Augustine's, Neutral Bay, NSW, Australia

Download (1.2 GB)
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Mark Beverley

Prudhoe Methodist Church, Northumberland, UK

Download (176 MB)
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