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Use this form to send a license update request for your Hauptwerk USB key. All new Hauptwerk licenses, upgrades and licensed virtual instruments require a license update in order for the product to be activated. For further details please view the .pdf below.

Follow these simple instructions to create and apply a license update to your Hauptwerk USB key.


License update form

  1. Attach the Hauptwerk USB key to your computer and launch Hauptwerk.
  2. Click File | Create a license update request file...
  3. Save the file to your Desktop.
  4. Click the Upload button below to search for this file and attach to this form.
  5. Click Submit to send.
First Name
Last Name
Confirm Email
Is this update on behalf of another person?
If Yes please enter person's name
Place of purchase
Order/Reference #
(If no order number please enter Reference number).
Upload license request


Updates are typically handled within 24-48 hours. Please check your junk mail/spam folder if you have not received your update!

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