Hauptwerk 4 Menus

Most menu items are controllable via MIDI except those that require a user prompt. Hauptwerk's extensive menu options allow you to have full integration with your MIDI hardware or other devices including MIDI sequencing software, computer keyboard shortcut commands and much more.

St. Anne's Virtual Pipe Organ

Hauptwerk comes complete with a free 30-stop English romantic organ recorded from St. Anne's, Moseley in Birmingham, England. The organ shows the many features that Hauptwerk is capable of, including expression, tremulants, crescendo, bass and melody couplers as well as a fully working combination system identical to the original organ.

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Control Panels

Hauptwerk's control panel interfaces are optimized throughout for touchscreen use. Touch-screens are a popular, convenient, intuitive and cost-effective way to control multiple virtual organs (most often used in combination with MIDI keyboards and MIDI pistons). Control panels make all of Hauptwerk's key functions readily accessible by touch and give clear visual feedback of all associated statuses.

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