Watch Hauptwerk in action

Performer: Marco den Toom (Netherlands)
Music: Marco den Toom - Grison Toccata at Haarlem
Performer: Marco den Toom (Netherlands)
Music: Marco den Toom - Toccata Ruisseau

"The incredible sampleset of the Notre Dame in Metz (Milan Digital Audio) inspired me to compose an Organ-Toccata in French romantic style: Toccata Ruisseau."  

Performer: Peter Bengtson (Sweden)
Music: Louis Vierne - Final from 3rd Symphonie



OrganArt Media - 1904 Wilhelm Sauer

Performer: Professor Tomasz Adam Nowak (School of Arts - Detmold,Germany)
Music: Improvisation on BACH 


Milan Digital Audio - 1743 Anthoni Hinsz

Performer: Rob Stefanussen (USA)
Music: J.S. Bach - Fugue in G Major ("Gigue"), BWV 577


Milan Digital Audio - 1877 Father Willis

Performer: Sebastian Kuechler-Blessing (Germany)
Music: Johannes Brahms - Chorale Prelude "Herzlich tut mich verlangen"


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