Milan Digital Audio acquires Crumhorn Labs and Hauptwerk
Published: Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Both Brett Milan, owner of Milan Digital Audio, and myself fully believe that this arrangement will be enormously beneficial to the future of Hauptwerk, to existing and future users, and also to sample set producers and all others involved in any way with Hauptwerk. Having worked daily with Brett since Hauptwerk's inception in 2001, I know that Brett's knowledge of Hauptwerk and its market, as well as his professionalism, business acumen, enthusiasm, energy, dedication to the product, and to quality and attention to detail in general, are exactly what Hauptwerk needs to allow it to grow further and to give it a hugely successful future.

Until this point, Crumhorn Labs has been a very small business. As Hauptwerk has grown and become increasingly successful the limited manpower available to us has been significantly limiting the growth of the business and the rate of Hauptwerk's development. Hauptwerk has reached the point where it needs to expand as a business if it's to continue to succeed and to remain the market and technological leader, whilst continuing to provide the level of customer support and excellence that Hauptwerk users have been accustomed to. With a much larger initial staff within Milan Digital Audio (myself included) we can all expect Hauptwerk, both as a product and as a business, to grow very rapidly and at a pace hitherto unseen.

Accelerated development, bigger markets and more users will bring big benefits to users as well as to everybody else involved directly or indirectly in making or selling products for Hauptwerk.

I will be working for Milan Digital Audio as chief Hauptwerk software designer and developer, but will no longer normally be involved directly in day-to-day support. Apart from pipe organs of all forms, my primary area of interest and skill is software development. Working within Milan Digital Audio frees me up to concentrate fully on development of the software, which should massively increase the rate at which Hauptwerk can be developed; great news for all parties. Brett will be the primary public face of the business from now on, and I will be taking very much a back-room role.

A note to sample set producers: Brett is very much aware, as I am, that Hauptwerk's success so far has been built upon the variety and quality of sample sets, and other surrounding products, available for it, and that he is as a keen as I have always been to maintain a level playing field for independent sample set producers so that the range of sample sets, both commercial and freeware, can continue to grow and flourish. As much as ever, Hauptwerk's success depends upon the range of sample sets available for it, and sample set producers have nothing to fear by this new chapter in the Hauptwerk story.

So what changes can you expect to see? In short, not too many. The Hauptwerk website will remain separate and independent from Milan Digital Audio's sample set website, although it will be getting a face-lift in the future. Support and the on-line forum will continue as normal, although your primary contacts will be different people (rather than myself). On-line orders will initially be handled via the Milan Digital Audio on-line shop. Email will also go via Milan Digital Audio. And above all else, Hauptwerk will be developed much faster and as a result you should get to see a lot of major exciting new features much sooner.

Thanks as ever for your custom and support so far and Brett and I very much hope you'll share in our enthusiasm for this new chapter and the for future, and we hope and believe that Hauptwerk will reach new levels as a result.

Best regards,
Martin Dyde,
Director, Crumhorn Labs Ltd.

We are very pleased to announce that Crumhorn Labs and Milan Digital Audio have finished friendly negotiations and as of September 23, 2008 Milan Digital Audio will be acquiring the rights to the Hauptwerk virtual pipe organ software and consequently heading up the day to day operations of the Hauptwerk business.

We are extremely grateful that Crumhorn Labs has decided to offer Milan Digital Audio this opportunity and we have very high expectations for Hauptwerk's future and for everyone involved including both sample producers and customers alike. We have many great plans for the future of Hauptwerk and hope you will be confident in our endeavor!

Brett Milan,
Owner, Milan Digital Audio LLC
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