Hauptwerk 4 released
Published: Tuesday, April 19, 2011 9:00 pm

Milan Digital Audio is proud to present Hauptwerk version 4 which is available immediately for download.

Key Features

New and improved St. Anne's virtual organ

Hauptwerk 4 includes a completely new high quality version of the St. Anne's virtual organ. The organ was re-recorded from scratch during our visit to England in 2009. The new version features 24-bit 44.1kHz stereo samples (originally recorded in 32-bit 96kHz) consisting of multiple release samples, multiple loops, additional dual stop jamb console displays which are optimized for vertical screen displays as well as a complete tonal balancing of the entire organ. The St. Anne's organ is included in the Hauptwerk software download and will install automatically.

Redesigned User Interface

The entire user interface in Hauptwerk 4 has been redesigned from previous versions of Hauptwerk. Menu options, settings screens as well as all new graphical control panels and piston toolbars offer users a much more intuitive way to access Hauptwerk's main features.


MIDI Learn

MIDI learn offers a quick and easy set up for digital organ consoles without needing to know anything about MIDI or other complex MIDI settings. Simply right click on a virtual control then choose "Auto-detect" and Hauptwerk will "listen" to your hardware MIDI messages and assign the proper settings. 


Built-in MIDI Recorder/Player

Hauptwerk 4 comes with a native MIDI recorder allowing you to record your performances to MIDI files directly without the need for external MIDI sequencers. Even touch screens presses are captured to MIDI using Hauptwerk's special MIDI implementation allowing complete registrations to be recalled when playing back the recorded MIDI file. Using the Hauptwerk MIDI recorder allows users to share their recordings with other users that use the same instruments without the need for any special set up. Just load and play!


Powerful Combination System

Hauptwerk 4 has an enormously powerful and flexible, fully-programmable combination system that works for all virtual organs. There's a 999-frame fully random-access stepper, 20 'master generals', 60 'master scoped combinations', a 4-bank 31-stage master crescendo, and a basic set of common 'master couplers' that can complement the couplers a virtual organ has natively.


Mac and PC Audio Unit and VST Plug-in Links

Audio Unit and VST plug-in links for Mac and PC are now standard in Hauptwerk 4. The Hauptwerk 3 Windows VSTi has been replaced with a new 'Hauptwerk VST Link' for Windows and OS X and a 'Hauptwerk AU Link' for OS X. Hauptwerk itself runs outside of your VST/AU host/sequencer and you just load the 'Hauptwerk VST/AU Link' in your sequencer.


Console Zoom and Multiple Screen Orientation

You can view the virtual console screen(s) in full-screen mode and consoles automatically zoom to make most efficient use of the screen space available. Some sample sets (including St. Anne's) support multiple orientations for their virtual consoles, for example allowing you to display virtual stop jambs conveniently on touch-screens mounted in portrait-format.


There are many more performance improvements and enhancements in addition to those listed above.


For a list of all new changes and updates please read the Release Notice. More in depth feature descriptions can be found in the Features Datasheet.

New licenses and upgrades from earlier versions of Hauptwerk are now available through the Hauptwerk store. Please note new Hauptwerk 4 public installations now require a Public Installation License as detailed in the Hauptwerk End User License Agreement.

We hope you enjoy Hauptwerk version 4 and all of the new features it offers!
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