Eminent UK Hauptwerk Consoles
Published: Friday, September 1, 2017


Milan Digital Audio welcomes Eminent UK as a new dealer providing turnkey systems for Hauptwerk.

With a history of developing high quality digital organs, Eminent UK have developed their range of organs to include consoles which are fully compatible with Hauptwerk virtual pipe organ software.

Customers of Eminent UK will now be able to specify a console, choose from a wide variety of equipment and enjoy a full in-house technical support service.


• A range of quality consoles which are compatible with Hauptwerk virtual pipe organ software
• All the equipment needed (PC/MAC, Screens, Amplifiers, Speakers and cabling)
• Technical support

“Having rebranded the company only a year ago, I’m thrilled that such a key development should have taken place so quickly. The network of Eminent UK customers is vast and it is great to be able to offer another service. We offer digital organs which are made to the highest standards. This development allows customers who enjoy the premium consoles with their choice of sound generation.” SHEA LOLIN, PARTNER, EMINENT UK

Visit the Eminent UK website for further details and specifications.

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