Terms of Use - Instrument Downloads

Please read and agree to the following terms prior to downloading.

  1. You must have Hauptwerk installed to be able to use these instruments. The downloads do not include Hauptwerk itself.
  2. Some instruments are for the purpose of evaluation only. Do not use the evaluation versions for purposes other than evaluating the instrument.
  3. Not all of these instruments are our products. Milan Digital Audio hosts them as a service to customers and the developers of the instruments.
  4. Each instrument has its own license agreement, provided by its developer. You must agree to and abide by the instrument's license agreement prior to downloading it.
  5. We provide these downloads as a free service. We cannot provide support for these instruments. If you have any questions about these instruments, suggestions for improvements, have any problems with them, or need help downloading them, please contact their makers or post to our support forum. Please do not contact us directly with questions about these instruments since we won't be able to help you with them.
  6. The developer's contact details are given with each instrument listing.
  7. The download files are very large. You must have a reliable, high-speed (broadband) Internet connection to download them.
  8. If any 'CRC' or 'unexpected end of archive' errors are reported when trying to install an instrument, then it was corrupted during download. Please simply try downloading the file again if it is corrupted. If you have any other download problems, please try the download again from a different computer or Internet connection. If the web server is busy and you cannot start a download or you keep losing the connection, try again another day. All of the files hosted here have been tested and verified to be valid.
  9. You may only download these instruments to be used with Hauptwerk.
  10. Please don't download more than you need, or download files repeatedly, otherwise it could prevent others from using this service.
  11. Please remember the time and work that has gone into making these instruments, and consider donating to their developers if you are able, and you find them useful. In particular, if you use a shareware instruments other than for evaluation, it is expected that you should pay for or donate towards it as suggested by its developer.
  12. Please make sure you are running the latest version of Hauptwerk. Not all instruments are compatible with earlier versions.

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