MIDI Hardware

Hauptwerk consoles, computers and other hardware

Hauptwerk vendors

Classic MIDI Works (Canada) Stack-able MIDI organ manuals with pistons, MIDI pedalboards, MIDI swell shoes, MIDI encoders and decoders. Complete Hauptwerk systems including pre-configured computer, MIDI console and sample sets.

EMA (France) Hauptwerk, complete systems and Hauptwerk computers, MIDI organ consoles by Hoffrichter for Hauptwerk.

Magnus – Virtual Organ Builder Designer of wooden MIDI consoles, hand-made organ console components (MIDI keyboards & pedalboards), genuine professional audio systems for Hauptwerk (Magnus OmniSound) and unique organ prospects.

DHMidi-Organs (U.K.). UK distributor for Hoffrichter, Magnus and Classic MIDI Works (CMW) offering Hauptwerk consoles, and MIDI hardware. They also represent CMW for German-speaking Europe.

Mixtuur (Netherlands) MIDI pedalboards and full MIDI consoles (built by Content) excluding sound generation for Hauptwerk.

Organengineering Custom-made wooden consoles for Hauptwerk, made only with solid and fine wood and 3D CAD software planning. Supplies pre-configured computers, sample-sets and complete audio devices.

Organtechnology (USA) Provides complete high quality Virtual Pipe Organs powered by Hauptwerk and Organtechnology Computer-Sound Engines and Consulting for Hauptwerk™ projects.

Organeria MIDI, C.A. (Venezuela) Custom MIDI organs for Hauptwerk. Alone or equipped with a computer and audio system. They can build any design and also cater to Spanish speaking customers.

Orgelhaus im Stiftland Complete Hauptwerk systems, Hauptwerk computers and compatible sample sets, complete MIDI organ consoles and customer designed consoles.

PC & Musik (Germany) Complete Hauptwerk systems including computers and MIDI organ consoles.

SakralorgelWELT (Germany) Complete Hauptwerk systems, Hauptwerk computers and complete MIDI organ consoles  (built by Content) for Hauptwerk.