Hauptwerk and the iLok Licensing System

Hauptwerk is now licensed via the PACE iLok system (instead of the ‘Hauptwerk USB key’ HASP dongle that was used for v4).

  •  To use or evaluate Hauptwerk, you need to have/create an account on, and to have installed the current version of iLok License Manager, which may be downloaded there. iLok License Manager is used for viewing/activating/deactivating/transferring/renewing licenses, as well as for logging into/out of iLok Cloud (see below). Some commercial Hauptwerk sample sets are also licensed via the iLok system, and licenses for them may viewed/activated/deactivated/transferred/renewed in iLok License Manager, in the same way as for licenses for Hauptwerk itself. Whenever you have been sent an activation code for a license purchased (whether for Hauptwerk, or for a sample set), you can enter it in iLok License Manager using ‘Licenses | Redeem Activation Code’ (then exit and re-launch Hauptwerk, if it was running).
  • You can choose to use any given license in either of two ways:

iLok USB

  • The license may be activated to an iLok3/iLok2 hardware USB dongle. This method requires no permanent Internet connection to the Hauptwerk computer, since licenses within the dongle may be activated/deactivated/transferred (and renewed, in the case of subscription licenses) by temporarily moving the dongle to a separate Internet-connected computer (which has the iLok License Manager software installed) whenever needed. The dongle may be moved freely around amongst several computers, provided that the dongle is attached to whichever computer has Hauptwerk running at the time. (Please make sure that you never attach or detach the dongle whilst Hauptwerk is actually running.) Hauptwerk will not run without the iLok dongle containing the Hauptwerk license attached. A dongle is the required ‘licensing location’ for computers that do not have a reliable always-on Internet connection (such as for most church installations, or for PCs for which an Internet connection is not used in order to avoid audio glitches). An iLok dongle is not provided with a Hauptwerk license, but iLok3 dongles may be purchased readily from musical equipment shops. If you already have an iLok2+ dongle then you can also use that dongle for Hauptwerk; licenses for multiple software products from different companies may be present within any given dongle. Alternatively:

iLok Cloud

  • You can instead use the license from any computer into which iLok License Manager is currently logged into an iLok Cloud session. This is termed ‘iLok Cloud licensing’. The ‘iLok Cloud’ FAQ covers how to log into/out from iLok Cloud:!faq. When a license is used in this way no hardware dongle is needed, but a reliable always-on Internet connection is required. You can freely switch between using different computers by closing Hauptwerk and closing the iLok Cloud session (via iLok License Manager) on one computer, then opening an iLok Cloud session (via iLok License Manager) and launching Hauptwerk on another, with the iLok Cloud system ensuring that only one instance of the license can be in use at any given time.
  • You are able to move your license(s) freely around amongst iLok dongles and/or the iLok Cloud, and Hauptwerk licenses are neither computer-specific, nor platform-specific.
  • For Hauptwerk, and Milan Digital Audio’s sample sets, and for some third-party producers’ sample sets, you may also transfer/sell your licenses to other users, without any approval or actions needed on our part. The iLok License Manager software has the necessary functionality and documentation for moving/transferring licenses, in conjunction with the iLok website (, and PACE should be contacted directly (via the iLok website) for any support needed with moving or transferring licenses. Their ‘Your Licenses’ FAQ covers how to transfer licenses to a different user (a different iLok account name):!faq, for which PACE will charge an administrative fee to you directly (as covered in their FAQ).