Hauptwerk goes Interstellar!

In November 2014 Christopher Nolan released the Oscar winning science fiction Hollywood blockbuster Interstellar. It is the second feature film to incorporate Hauptwerk into its soundtrack (Tim Burton’s Frankenweenie was the first).

While interviewed in the February 2015 issue of Keyboard magazine film composer Hans Zimmer states:

“I was trying to hunt down a great pipe organ sample collection, and I came across this plug-in called Hauptwerk. Man, it’s really incredible. So I was writing with its Salisbury Cathedral organ [sample set] which isn’t a bad place to start…”

“Hauptwerk is truly a brilliant piece of software. I love it!!!!”

The film uses both Hauptwerk with the Salisbury Cathedral organ samples (Milan Digital Audio) as well as the Temple Church Harrison & Harrison organ in London played by organist Roger Sayer. The organs are accompanied by a full symphonic orchestra creating a lush yet powerful musical soundscape for an otherworldly journey through time and space.

Learn more about how Hollywood film composer Hans Zimmer used Hauptwerk and the Salisbury Cathedral virtual pipe organ to score and produce portions of the final cut for the Christopher Nolan film Interstellar.

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