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Software for your Mac & PC

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Available in Lite and Advanced Editions

View the Hauptwerk 7 Features Data Sheet for a complete list of features.

  • New! Higher quality real-time filter and background model processing
  • New! Assign functions to piston toolbars globally, or on a per organ basis
  • New! Customize piston toolbars labels on global or organ level
  • New! Show/hide large control panels ‘on the fly’ from on-screen buttons
  • New! Auto-detect various pistons on a global or per organ level
  • New! Audio mixer and mixer bus more easily configurable
  • New! Mixer presets increased to 128 (previously 8)
  • New! Combination stepper features improved significantly
  • New! Much higher quality real-time audio pitch-shifting
  • New! Much much more! (See Features Data Sheet and Release Notice)
  • Surround/3D-sound output
  • Audio and perspective mixer
  • Convolution reverb engine
  • 64 Favorites and improved editing of favorites
  • Editable Favorite organ, combination, and temperament lists
  • Massive updates to the Stepper Sequencer and Registration CP
  • Up to up to 96kHz sample rate
  • Utility Functions menu system
  • Mini Control Panels
  • All Pistons Trigger Stepper
[pbr_featuredbox title=”Realism in sound. And sight.” style=”default” title_align=”separator_align_right” information=”It’s all in the details and we leave none out. From reproduction of all sonic details to the virtual console we have truly created a product that virtually mirrors the original instruments. Hauptwerk includes our free 30 stop St. Anne’s symphonic organ to get you started right out of the box, featuring photo-realistic display graphics which are fully interactive, functioning just like the original instrument.”]
[pbr_featuredbox title=”History in the Making” style=”default” information=”An extensive library of historic classical and theatre organs is available (not included) for Hauptwerk, spanning countries all over the world from the finest cathedrals, churches, and theatres. Whether your musical interests are of the Baroque, Romantic, or Modern genre, you will be sure to find an instrument that suits your needs.”]

Classical and Theatre Organs

Perform virtually on some of the world’s best classical and theatre organs.

Massive Virtual Instrument Library

With over 150 third-party instruments, you’re certain to discover yours.

Playable by MIDI

Connect your MIDI organ or keyboard to a computer to begin playing.


Worlds Beyond Digital

Hauptwerk is state-of-the-art virtual instrument software for Macs and PCs bringing the world’s best pipe organs within reach of musicians everywhere. Used for study and practice by professional and amateur organists, organ enthusiasts, and organ students, Hauptwerk is the world’s leading virtual pipe organ software providing high-resolution audio and unparalleled flexibility in MIDI interfacing with digital organ consoles and pro-audio applications.


It’s easy to set up Hauptwerk in your home to use for practice or study with world-class virtual instruments.

Live Performance

Hauptwerk is a powerful instrument for houses of worship and venues from concert halls to theaters.

What People Are Saying About Hauptwerk

Hans Zimmer, Composer

Hauptwerk is truly a brilliant piece of software. I LOVE IT!!!

Daniel Cook

It sounds fantastic! … well done – a very true likeness!

David B., Customer

I have to hand it to you. This software is nothing less than the work of a genius.

Christian Boogard

It sounds stunning! I absolutely recommend Hauptwerk and this marvelous sample set.

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