The King of All Virtual Instruments

Software for your Mac & PC

Watch the Introductory Video

Classical and Theatre Organs

Perform virtually on some of the world’s best classical and theatre organs.

Massive Virtual Instrument Library

With over 150 third-party instruments, you’re certain to discover yours.

Playable by MIDI

Connect your MIDI organ or keyboard to a computer to begin playing.

Available in Basic and Advanced Editions

  • Perform on historic instruments
  • Baroque, Classical, Symphonic, Theater
  • Life-like instrument modeling
  • 30 stop symphonic organ included
  • Pitch & temperament controls
  • Add up to 512 audio channels
  • Intelligent combination system
  • MIDI record/playback. Audio recording
  • VST and AU plug-in links
  • Pipe voicing controls and much more


It’s easy to set up Hauptwerk in your home to use for practice or study with world-class virtual instruments.

Live Performance

Hauptwerk is a powerful instrument for houses of worship and venues from concert halls to theaters.